A New Leaf

Posted by in Luminair News on Feb 10, 2012


No one killed the electric car.  Because it’s not dead.  Our head creative, Scott, has recently become one of a few people in Chiagoloand to own the new, 100% electric Nissan Leaf.  Back in April 2010, when the Leaf was announced, Scott jumped onto the top of the waiting list.  And we’ve been hearing about this car ever since.

If you’re familiar with any Hybrid, the Leaf doesn’t feel so surprising, even when it silently creeps up behind you as you’re trying to cross the street.  It has all the electronic standards we expect: keyless entry, a power button instead of an ignition, and a rear-facing camera for backing-up.

The main surprise comes at “the pump.”  At about $1.15 a fill-up, plus a lot less guilt regarding carbon footprints, we kind of want one now, too.  Check back and see if we don’t all have one in another 20 months.